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Charly La-Roux Milam-Winchel

December 30, 2014

Ohhhhh my darling little Charly Dog is 4 years old today!


Approximately 3 years and 10 months ago, Casey lost his dog Max, we were living in Colorado at the time in a place with a big back yard and another dog.  At that time Charly was not a Charly, she was, in fact, a Sophie.  That’s right, me and my dog had the same name.  We went to go meet her and her brother (a very gorgeous tri-colored Aussie Shepherd, both are pedigreed animals) in Denver and totally fell in love with her.  Her family had gotten pretty crowded (two 8-puppy litters and a newborn human) so we paid a paltry 300 bucks for her and she rode home in my lap.  She was such a good girl, Casey and I were always around her and she was potty trained in a couple of days, knew how to sit and stay, how to ask to be let out and how to ask to be let back in.  And then she got sick.  I made her chicken soup and rice for days, we took her to the vet got her some medicine and she quickly improved.  She liked her peppermint medicine so much it quickly became a treat to her.  My amazing photographer uncle Todd Patrick took a bunch of great shots of her in Glenwood Springs, this one is my favorite:


We lived in colorado for a year and she loved every minute of it, the snow to prance around in the winter, the reservoir, lakes, and rivers we took her to in the summers, and the mud at all the other times of the year.  We took her with us everywhere and only once did she get into trouble trying to find us.  We had gone out for an early drink at a basement bar on Pearl Street in Boulder and left her in the bed of the truck, clipped in with a small leader. She pulled on the key ring that was clipped in enough to straighten it out (so her tags fell off) and was picked up by the dog police outside of the door to the SunDowner Saloon, where we were having our drink.  We had to go pick her up from doggy jail, aka humane society, and never clipped her in by her key ring again.


After Colorado, Casey and I moved to Washington/Idaho.  Charly got to meet all kinds of new friends and set about enchanting Casey’s parents.  You could find Bob and Charly sitting around eating walnuts that Charly picked from the yard and brought to Bob to open during the nicer months, and when it was cold outside Charly managed to break every Winchel family rule and was allowed to lay by the heating vent in the kitchen, loved on by all.

Photo Nov 26, 12 47 36  Charly bed

You’re the best, Charly Dog!  Happy 4th Birthday!


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