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Birthday Boys

October 21, 2014

Ben, you and i fight the most out of anyone in our family, and sometimes these fights have lead to some pretty rowdy throw downs or storm outs, like that one time in Kanding… but regardless of that I’ve learned so much from you and I’ve never stopped being impressed with you even though sometimes I have hated to admit it.  So here’s to Ben:


The sweet and lovable…


The silly and charismatic…


The deep thinker and wide wanderer…


and a real pillar of support and encouragement in our family.


I love you even when we fight, I admire you even when I make fun of you, and I look up to you even I’m looking down from Mars 🙂 Happiest of birthdays Broski.

Now there is another man I love who happens to have the exact same birthday as my dear brother and this is my best friend and confidant and partner, Casey.


He is cuddly and kind (not to mention a total BAMF!)…


Fun loving and creative…


A bit of a clown :P…


but full of potential, love and a deep sense of honor.

I depend on him for so much and he’s too humble to know it; he’s taught me so much about being a better friend and person, and has supported me in every passion, desire, and opportunity I’ve ever had.  Happy Birthday PizzaShark!

I am so truly lucky to have such wonderful guys in my life and very fortunate to only have to remember one birthday for these two characters.  My life may be simpler and less frustrating without them but it would also be less fun, less interesting, and lacking a great deal of love.

I’ll bring all my readers another update on the dome and how we weathered the storm but until then, I hope you can join me in wishing these two guys a very happy birthday and many more to come!


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