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Closing this Year

December 31, 2014
New Years Eve, a day to remind yourself of all that is good in your life and to prepare yourself for the next year. Allen had the wonderful idea to make a video wishing people around the world a really wonderful  New Year and I had so many people to mention that I never got the chance to get everyone in there.  This is lacking a few people too that I just could’t find pictures of and would have made for a half hour video instead of this nice short clip you get here.  So Daren, Duffy, Grandpa Bob, Baba, Todd, Dahlgren, Uncle Ben, Sam, Lydia, Uncle Bob, Alex, Andy, Unkie Stanley, Lisa, Colin, Camis, Dean, Arthur, Diana, Cunneen, Papa D, Paul, Austin S, Nick, Ben J, Eric, Beth, Eddie, Nigel and anyone else I could possibly have missed.  I love you all!

Here is the YouTube video up from our whole crew giving shout-outs to our family and friends from around the world:

All is well in the dome and I hope you enjoy this little video I made.  It is actually very special to me because the music in it was given to me by an extremely talented woman in Greece, Lara Eidi, and her band who can be found on Facebook.  She sent the music after talking with my Aunt Dahlgren (thanks Dahlgren!) please go check them out, Lara is the vocals in the music and I must say I was totally blown away by the warmth and clarity of her voice.  

We are so lucky to have such wonderful people supporting us and encouraging us in our mission and for all the new friends like Lara that we are meeting through this experience.



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