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From Freeze Dried to Freaking Delicious! Week 1

So Wednesday 10/22/2014 was the night that I, Sophie Milam, managed to make something not completely disgusting from freeze-dried and shelf stable foods.  What, you may be asking, could one possibly cook that would taste good from that kind of preservative-filled stuff?  This first week has actually held several great examples, I will begin with my recipe for Enchilada Dome Casserole.

FD ingredients:

white chicken


bell peppers


sweet corn

Monterey Jack cheese

cheddar cheese


Other ingredients:

corn tortillas

tomato paste

chicken broth powder

gluten free flour


The first thing you do in any FD recipe is rehydrate everything which you do by putting the ingredients in a bowl, pouring hot water over them, and leaving them for 15 minutes.  After that you strain them out and pretty much cook normally with them.

First thing Allen and I did (Allen was helping me with this meal) was make a roux with the gluten free flour and butter, after that we added the chicken broth, tomato paste and some spices (chili wider, cumin, oregano, salt pepper, sugar) to make the enchilada sauce which was amazing!

Then we sautéed all the vegetables (except the corn) with the rehydrated chicken in a little butter and garlic.  To roll the enchiladas we microwaved some corn tortillas to get them soft, coated one side with some enchilada sauce and then filled them with the meat and vegetables, we rolled them and put them seam down in the pan.  Normally then you would put the sauce over but we had a bunch of extra meat and veggies so we layered that over the rolled enchiladas, put the sauce over that and then went on to the corn and cheese sauce.

My mom took me to this super awesome mexican place in Vegas that I can’t remember the name of but was in the huge world market building and they had this corn and cheese dip that BLEW MY MIND!  I’m sure it was all the freshest ingredients, they probably made their own queso fresco, and I tried to recreate it using freeze-dried sweet corn, monterey jack cheese, cheddar cheese, and milk powder.  Some would say  was setting myself up for failure… those people would be correct.  It may not have been a complete disaster, a sauce was made, but it was about 98.9% disaster.  The corn was good, the milk was fine but the rehydrated cheese strips became a rubbery mass no amount of heat and vigorous whisking could separate.  I put it over the enchiladas anyways because the milky corny cheese flavored liquid part of the sauce would help keep everything moist while it baked and as for the cheese blobs….maybe they’d be fine.


It wasn’t the end of the world, the whole pan of enchilada casserole was eaten and everyone had nothing but nice things to say but man, when you got a cheese blob, it was like you were 5 years old chewing on play doh that had ben left out for the day.  Luckily my chili lime quinoa (quinoa+lime powder+chili flakes sautéed) was a winner and everything was eaten up.  Sorry about the blurry nature of the picture but presentation was not part of what we were looking at here.

What about the other meals we have had this week?  I was by no means the best chef this week and while we had excellent pastas from Jocelyn and Zak, a quite incredible Shepherd’s Pie from Neil, and a lovely middle eastern dish of seasoned rice, potatoes, and sausage from our worldly commander, Martha, I think my vote of the week goes to Allen for these AMAZING tuna fish cutlets with buckwheat and Russian style pickles.  I couldn’t tell you what made this meal so incredible, but I absolutely adored it and will try to make it once I obtain his secret recipe!

Thats all for now Mars food enthusiasts, I’m working on a walkthrough of our kickin’ pad and will be posting shortly, stay tuned.


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