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November 4, 2014

Once upon a time there were three geeky girls and three dorky dudes shut in a dome.  They hadn’t done anything wrong, indeed they had been chosen from a pool of equally crazy, smart, fun, nerdy wonderful people to participate and while they were happy to be there they all had to admit, it was time to blow off a little steam.  Go a little crazy, get a little silly, work out all the newness and so they threw a party.  A party the likes of which sMars had never seen.  Gone were the days when dance battles between Super Girl and the Riddler would wake the neighbors and bring down the authorities for the only true authority and commander of this scientific enterprise was wearing a blue wig playing balloon volleyball with the chief engineer who had 3D printed a martini glass for his disguise as the ultimate Hawaiian tourist.  A canary blonde medical officer and sonic screwdriver toting XO were putting the finishing touches on their 2D TARDIS, even going so far to appropriate a light fixture for the cause.

DSC_0413 Crew Costumes with TARDIS Crew Costumes on Stairs Goofy


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