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Life long goals…

February 1, 2015

Thats right readers, another life-long goal has been started, and what a start it is!  “But Sophie,” you might say, “with all the crazy stuff you’ve done these past 4 months what more could you possibly want to do?”  Answer: Ummm every space nerd’s dream: BUILD A SPACE SUIT!!!

Mom, the Yayas, and my Aunty Jeannie have been on me for years about giving space suits a much needed makeover (well that and teleportation but there’s only so much a girl in a dome can do) and while this is perhaps not where they thought I’d start I have, indeed, started.  Like all space-made prototypes the major component is duct-tape but there is still high quality materials including bubble wrap, gardening hose, pool noodle, white fabric, 3D printed junction pieces for the hose (thanks Made in Space), and tinfoil.  When you’re trapped in a dome on the side of a volcano with five other nerds you’d be surprised at how excited people get when you propose a fancy tinfoil hat.

First iteration:

IMG_3400 IMG_3396 IMG_3390 IMG_3351 IMG_3353

3D printed hose connectors made for a sturdy yet flexible skeleton for the bubble wrap/tinfoil/plastic components of the helmet.

After an EVA to examine the lava tubes there was an outer shell breach of the helmet which was quickly repaired back at the hab.  No catastrophic de-pressurization occurred, the inner layers were sufficient to keep the hostile martian atmosphere out.



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