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Lovejoy Via Mars

January 22, 2015

Tonight I gained 45 pounds and some perspective.  Neil and I went out  on a night time EVA to do some astrophotography to see if we could find comet Lovejoy, I wore the white suit because it has better visibility in the rigid domed faceplate but what I didn’t count on was the massive suit pulling me back while I knelt down with Neil to try and frame the shot.  After about 45 minutes of finding the right area of the sky, watching Neil framing the shot, dialing in the exposure settings and focus all the while basically doing a reverse crunch trying to look at the sky.  Knees diggin into lava rock even through my suit parachute pants, abs burning, sweating profusely and with an itchy nose I was unable to scratch…worth it.  Check out this shot:

Nikon D3300 35mm f/1.8 at ISO 3200 10 second exposure

Not bad for a couple scientists fumbling around in space suits on lava rocks in the dark huh?  Wanna see a a more detailed version of this picture?  Check out NASA’s daily picture for January 21, 2015.

Time now for sleep, good night all may you have lovely, joyful dreams!


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