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Mars Fish

January 8, 2015

So, we got a new crew member thanks to an aquaponics system we got for Christmas from Mars Santa. For those of you who don’t know, aquaponics combines the life cycles of plants and afish to create a harmonious system whereby plants are fed by the water in the fish tank and the fish benefits from the plants cleaning the water and recycling it.  Our fish is awesome, a double tail beta male fighting fish, he has a Spongebob House, although we’re thinking of 3D printing him his own dome to hang out in, and he has a leaf hammock that he seems to like hanging out on/under depending on how tired he is/sunny it is by his tank.  Its all very harmonious and what not but we have a super huge problem. WE CAN’T THINK OF A NAME!!

Help us out would ya? fish-naming-contest – click the link for more info!


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