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Moment of Silence

January 14, 2015

Right now at the University of Idaho in Moscow a moment of silence is being held in the food court.  Cruel and senseless violence took three people’s lives and put one in the hospital but it has affected thousands.  For all of those at the University of Idaho who are hurting, for all those in Moscow, ID who feel less safe, for all those who grieve for friends, family, and loved ones I am sorry for your loss.  Not just the loss of life but the loss of security you feel in your community.

I am a transplant to Idaho, I lived there for a little over two years but it doesn’t take a native to recognize the strength, compassion, and sense of togetherness within the University and Moscow.  Vandals and Idahoans are kind and strong and I know they’re pulling together to help each other through this time and I’m so proud to be a Vandal.

Rest in Peace David Trail, Belinda Niebuhr, and Terri Grzebielski

Get well soon Michael Chin, all of sMars is rooting for you!


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