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Real Science on Fake Mars

January 21

I may not be a religious person but I have a few beliefs I try to let guide my life in the right direction: Love as much as possible, find adventure in your life, happiness is infinite, leave things better than how you found them, and give back when the cosmic cornucopia has brought you a particularly bountiful harvest.

This post is about that last belief.  I have been especially fortunate this year in my academic, personal, and career-based life.  Being on sMars has brought me so many blessings I feel the need to share it with as many people as possible so that everyone can benefit from this involvement.

Real Science on Fake Mars (RSoFM) is going to debut in a few schools in Clark County this semester.  The idea is for middle school and elementary school students to collaborate directly with us on some of the problems we’ve been having with some Hab systems.  They’re going to be working on robotic exploration of nearby lava tubes, grey water recycling, low energy and small space gardening, space suit modification, acoustic damping for added privacy within the habitat, and food consumption tracking.  These are all real problems that, with the students’ help, we hope to solve by the time we leave.  By solving these problems we’ll not only make our lives better for the duration of our mission but we’ll start the next crew, a year long mission, off on a good foot.  Enjoy the intro and keep and eye out for more updates, we’ll be uploading the videos to YouTube and I’ll be sure to post the links on the RSoFM page when they become available.

The logo is meant to mimic our patch design to show how closely we consider this program to be our mission.  The planet is divided between Earth and sMars with a school, children, and teachers on the Earth side and the dome with our crew on the sMars side.  The state of Nevada is shown in dark blue on the Earth side underneath the school and on the sMars side the dark magenta pattern first drawn is the state of Hawaii.  The red star over the Earth side symbolizes Mars in the night sky, conversely the blue and white star above the sMars side represent the Earth and Moon as seen from Mars.  The symbols around in the corners of the hexagon represent the programs that have been selected by schools to work on, I’ll let you guess at which ones belong to the descriptions I’ve given above.



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