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Seafarers Campaign – The lost log

April 1: 2014

Ship’s log

The 29th of March, the year of our supreme martian overlords 2015

All was well as the initial settlements were placed, the brave orange settlers opted for settlements next to pleasant hexagon fields of sheep and wheat with minor access to wood and clay for all their building needs.  They should have been fat and happy, little did they know that things were very soon go horribly horribly wrong… How do you build ships when the only thing you manage to produce is wheat?   Through trading and field placement we the Orange of Adventure turned their great grain stores in order to fund an expedition across the narrow sea to an island of plenty.  However by that time it was too little too late, the Dreaded Dunn Domestication Force had already found their way to victory with the help of the longest trade rout from the mainland to the new islands.

The adventurous orange and practical brown colonization parties weren’t the only ones with eyes for this new world and the “Blue Wigs”, Commodore Lenio’s expeditionary force,  would take over a wildly productive pasture which would fuel her navy’s expansion.  While never leaving the mainland this warrior amassed great wealth and secured her holdings while waiting  for the initial trials of transoceanic navigation to be worked out by more foolhardy parties.

The Dreaded Dunn and her practical colonists had settlements on the most productive fields and quarries on the mainland and through the building of cities and ships she was able to fund a massive expansion of her empire.  Her victory was swift and while not entirely unexpected it still took the other colonists by surprise when they realized they would have to  choose between her and the early leader, Ghengis Neil, commander of the GanGreen Guerrillas, or as we know him, the Scourge.

Sheibelhut’s Scourge were pitted against mercilessly in the initial stages of the colonization effort due to early leads in exploration to other islands and the rich settlements that come with it.  Gaining control over an early gold mine the rest of the colonists set about robbing the goldmine and forcing Ghengis Neil to bide his time and go about other methods of expansion.  By that time the Dunnians already had the new worlds well in hand.

May the Mars gods shelter, grok, and protect us in our adventures.

Major Sophie Milam, first of her name

Protector of the Orange Adventurers

Leader of the Free Catanian Colonies Company

The text from this first epic battle was all that survived, ironically enough only the maps from the next three battles survived from the lost log.

Scenario 2: The Six Islands, Captain Zak Sparrow and the Red Dread dominate this round with wildly productive same number resources, a tricky gamble to win!
Scenario 2: The Six Islands, Captain Zak Sparrow and the Red Dread dominate this round with wildly productive same number resources, a tricky gamble to win!
Scenario 3: The Fog Islands, driven to explore new lands, the Dastardly Dunn Domestication Force gained control of the mysteriously shrouded islands, other fleets could not compare!
Scenario 4
Scenario 4: Through the Desert, although to win this round, in the closest matched battle thus far, the Scheilbelhut Scourge didn’t even try for the desert, instead searching for new islands and the native Chit riches they possessed.
Battle record of the Catan Seafarers Campaign currently taking place on sMars, root for your favorites and may the rest perish to Davy Jones’ Locker!

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