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Things you never thought you’d do

March 26, 2015

So, my intrepid readers, I’ve been thinking for a bit now about the things you do or say that you never thought you would.  Now for those of you who’re thinking “Yeah like living in a dome for 8 months wearing space suits to go outside?” you obviously aren’t a regular reader so please go back to the first post and try again.  For those who have done their Sophie-related homework you’ll know that dome life was always something I have wanted to do, now cheese making, that was never really on the list.  How many times have you heard this:

“Today I made great cheese.”

Personally, I’ve never heard that before living in a dome much less been the one to say it.

Similarly, this statement is fairly common:

“I have a lovely bouquet of roses on my desk”

but this one seems a bit odd:

“I have a lovely bouquet of cilantro flowers on my desk”

And yet they are lovely, they smell like cilantro which is wonderful, and they appear to still be growing despite having been cut from their roots,  Until the dome I didn’t even know that cilantro made flowers, I’m sure I could have figured it out if I took the time to just think about it, but I never did.

One of my favorite sayings from How I Met Your Mother is Barney saying “Suit up!” but I bet he didn’t imagine this reaction:


You know what else I never thought I’d do in my life?  Go fishing with a bow and arrow, own a hedgehog, get my Masters degree on Mars (Marsters degree?), filter my own water using sand dug up from around my dome home, and prize fresh tomatoes like they were gold.

I’ve always liked having a plan, and as far as plans go mine was pretty simple: graduate college, get a graduate degree, apply to astronaut corps, go to Mars.  Simple, right?  My life in four easy steps (call now and I’ll throw in a toaster).  Who would’ve thought there would be so much more to it than that.  Things like cheese and cilantro flowers, certainly, but also the amazing people you meet that take your life in new directions.

My interest in STEM outreach has grown exponentially since I’ve been in this dome and its become a driving factor behind many of the things that I do here.   There’s so much going on in the dome, I can’t imagine how scattered my attention is gong to be once I get out.

Speaking of which, I am updating the RSoFM page, check out some of the neat things we’ve been doing with projects for kids in the Clark County School District.

Until then!


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