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Third Monthiversary

January 16, 2015

Three months gone now, how odd it seems that four months ago at this time I would have been washing the docks at the Hells Gate Marina waiting to tuck in to a gluten free sandwich from my favorite bakery ever, Bridge Baking, for lunch. Now I am on a stationary bike in he arch of our airlock soaking in some second hand sun, listening to a podcast onEarth History, writing this blog to you with my iPad being propped up thanks to some vastly practical engineering and 3D printing done by Zak. Behind me there is a great deal of activity, dinner is being prepared, geology and 3D printing are being combined for practical observation and measurement, and TPT is being set u for the boys to attempt a new high score. Our geology task has asked for a volume approximation for some local skylights that were explored in the last EVA and rather than do some cylinder approximations of the tube Zak and Neil took dozens of pictures of the different features in order to upload them into software that turns 2D pictures into 3D virtual models, and Zak with his Up Mini is turning that model into a physical object. When complete, this model will be filled with water to discover an approximate volume which will be scaled up to give a very close approximation of the volume of the actual skylight and lava lube.
I would never have considered such a thing before this adventure but now it seems like such a practical and beautiful solution to a rather difficult problem.
This experience has brought me to a new level of problem solving, I’ve stopped thinking in terms of going out to the store to buy something and have instead become more focused on finding a way to make the parts I need. That not only works for when things break down or refuse to fit, that is the underlying theme of life here. Everything from food, needing to make a pizza but only having tomato powder and a toaster oven, to research, outsourcing scientific paper searches to support staff, to outreach, working with a considerable amount of outside influence to bridge the gap between sMars and students all over the world.
Today I bid you raise a screwdriver instead of a glass, or both if you’re so inclined, and go fix something. Go find something that’s been bugging you and make it better, more stable, faster, stronger, or prettier.
Now that the boys have totally crushed the high score for TPT it seems this next month the ladies will have to step up their game someone us at least can get back on the board.


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