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Martian Mother’s Day MIRACLE!

Dearest Readers,

As all miracles must, this story starts with an intrepid young protagonist just trying to make their way in this crazy world.

Cast list:
Intrepid young protagonist: Mrs. Pots (my desk’s flower-pot)
Crazy world: sMars, HI-SEAS habitat, the Dome formerly known as Gallifrey

Mrs. Pots just wanted to GROW, she was going to escape her pot of dirt and make it to the sky, that wonderous white wilderness above her with its rectangular sun and seemingly temperature controlled air.  She knew what she had to do and by Jove she was on her way.

It took her a while, but like so many other explorers on sMars she was determined, dedicated, and driven by a boundless enthusiasm.  Like Icarus she reached for that bar-like sun with an illogical faith that one day she would get there.  To steal a bit from Douglas Adams, the light was the way to… the light was the way that… the Light was the Way.  Unlike Icarus, she actually did get there:

Mrs. Pots finds the light.
Mrs. Pots looked up at the light and knew that it was the way to… that the light was the way of the… that the Light was the Way. There we go, capital letters make everything better. (Thanks Douglas Adams, constant inspiration)

Having reached her goal she was elated, the faith and self-confidence had paid off, her long journey was over, she had reached the promise land.  Like a pin to her joyous balloon, her more practical side quietly posed that most heart wrenching sucker punch of a question: what now?

What now… well I mean… does there need to be a what now?  We’re here!  Mission accomplished!

Feeling suddenly very tall and lonely, Mrs. Pots puzzled over this question.  I tried to help her realize how amazing I thought she was but she was down in the dumps.

Look at my plant, my plant is amazing!
Look at my plant, my plant is amazing!
Mrs. Pots doesn't feel amazing, she feels sad and alone on this barren world...
Mrs. Pots doesn’t feel amazing, she feels sad and alone on this barren world…

How does one renew the vigor of a plant so wrought with the blues? (I mean she is definitely still a healthy green but you know, the other blues)  So instead of focusing on the blues I told her about the reds, and yellows and oranges and whites and purples.  I told her, in that omniscient Morgan Freeman narration voice that seems to come from On High and fill the listener with purpose and inspiration, that her destiny wasn’t done yet, that her future held more that just green and blue.  For she was a flowering plant.  Her mission to make it to the “sun” wasn’t just frivolity but necessity, to get the energy to go make her own flowers and bring beauty to the lives of those around her.  Most especially that she had a part to play in the day of mothers soon to come.

And with a little help from her DomeSoph companion, she truly shown that Sunday.  Resplendent in the early morning light, her green adorned in shades of yellow, orange, red and purple to bring out her beauty and re-inspire her growth.  With her leaves raised to the “sun” she salutes mothers everywhere as she is working to bear her own little ones to brighten up the dome.

Photo May 10, 10 19 15 AM Photo May 10, 10 19 05 AM Photo May 10, 10 19 23 AM

And there you have it, a tale of overcoming adversity, faith, beauty, friendship, and, of course, love.  For this little plant Love, Love is like Carbon Dioxide, Love lifts you up to the “sun” where you belong, all you need is Love!

Dry those tears of joy readers, and go hug your mamas, yayas, babas, and babies (mine have fur and quills) like I wish I could.

Happy Mother’s Day

Dome Soph Out!


One thought on “Martian Mother’s Day MIRACLE!

  1. Sophie…Very inspiring..Sounds like you could be putting yourself in Mrs Pots place???….You will also soon reach for the light..The real light..not artificial.. and feel the sun on your face…very soon…Nigel


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