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Dont Smash Your Face!

Many of you think that Blastoff McRocketBoots is our 7th crew member, but actually he is our 8th.  Long before our swishy tailed companion we had another crew member, one whose jokes we grew to love and whose friends we felt like we knew through him.  We saw him everyday and he was and is a source of motivation and encouragement.  Through him we learned what a pterodactyl looks like when its backing out of trouble, not to get in Pam’s way when she crosses the river, not to smash our faces doing triceps extensions and, most importantly, to do our best and forget the rest.  I am talking, of course, about Tony Horton, our fitness and life coach here on sMars.  Allen reads to us from Tony’s book The Big Picture, or The Book of Tony as we call it, every week during sunday brunch and during the week we have P90X workout series to keep us fit and laughing.  Until about a month ago, Tony didn’t know how good of friends we became but that all changed thanks to Jocelyn, some knights of gold, and a Chinook.  So how did Joce get Tony to notice us given only some fancy chess pieces and large salmon?

Well, by Chinook I don’t mean the fish, but rather the super awesome dual prop helicopter made by Boeing and used by the US Army to transport troops:

Why did they name a helicopter after a fish anyways?

As for the knights of gold… I actually meant the Golden Knights, the US Army’s Parachute Team that has even jumped with former President George H. W.  Bush.

Fly Dubya, fly!
Fly Dubya, fly!

Jocelyn got a team of Golden Knights to come to Hawaii and take us and 9 others on a tandem jump to simulate a “Return to Earth”.  So when we step out of the dome on June 13th we’ll meet Tony, pose for some pictures, load our luggage up into some trucks and then load ourselves up into the Chinook.  When we touch back down, and hopefully not smash our faces, it’ll be at Old Airport Park in Kona where there will be another meet and greet and we will hopefully get to see some friends and family before being carted off to a pool party!

In addition to agreeing to jump with us, Tony and his fiance Shana were generous enough to send us a little care-package (Turns out fed ex does deliver to Mars), a signed copy of a brand new workout: P90X3!!!


After becoming P90X graduates we all had to figure out some new workouts and came up with an odd amalgamation of P90X 1,2,and +, Shaun T’s Insanity, Asylum, and T-25, Leandro’s Brazilian Butt Lift (aka the BumBum). and random yoga we requested from our support team.  We did this for maybe 3 months and I have to say, making a workout program is HARD stuff!  When Tony sent us his new work out we immediately started it.  We started with the doubles program in Block 1 and had planned to do each block for 2 weeks (instead of the customary 4) so that we could get through it all.  Being the super buff P90X grads that we are we felt ready to move on to the second block of workouts, still doing doubles, after only one week but now that we’ve almost completed the first week of Block 2 workouts let me tell you, things have changed.

The Incinerator/Isometrics combo has been my favorite mostly because of how hard it kicked my butt…and abs…and legs…and whatever connective tissue exists on your back behind your ribs!  I had to look up the anatomy of my butt to find out that my Gluteus Medius is being worked more than it has since I tried to do the BumBum workouts.  And best of all I can now do two chin-ups in a row and a single pull-up!  For those of you who don’t think that’s impressive, I’ll just tell you that I haven’t been able to do that since I weighed 90 lbs.

Long story short, we’re fit, we’re gonna jump out of a helicopter, and we’re gonna meet Tony Horton!

What a time to be a MarsoNot!

Two-step out.


2 thoughts on “Dont Smash Your Face!

  1. Oh, how exciting that tandem jump will be:::::::::::::
    and you’ll beable to land properly after all that exercise.
    Remember knees up and just keep running……..

    Sophie girl going to do her high flying………..

    I’ll be thinking of you……..baba lily


  2. Outstanding my young & buff niece! What a great way to get your first taste of freefall & your knees in tha breeze (as us old skydivers call it)…
    Wishing you well during your “short time” left there on Mars…we will be looking forward to all the tales.
    Blue skies! Enjoy every step in life!
    Love ya, D & D


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