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Eurovision on Mars

Hello Europe (and Australia) this is MARS!

We are watching Eurovision, and for all you Americans out there who don’t know what this is please google “Poland Eurovision 2014” for a wonderful introductory video.

Eurovision is a wonderful and amazing combination of music, smoke machine, pyrotechnics and SPARKLES

This years winner was Sweden and wowzers did he win my heart! He can be my Hero anytime 😉

According to our own vote he also won Eurovision of Mars but we also had high hopes for:

Russia, who we very affectionately called Elsa our Disney queen

Estonia, who we would always wake up for

Austria, how can lighting a piano on fire on stage not win you a vote?

Belgium, loved the singing!

Georgia, how could you not be a warrior with shoulder pads like that?!

Some of our favorite lines and moments from Eurovision:
Time is like thunder
Your love is the torch that lights our way
Sexy dancing cops
If you wear capes, which are apparently very in this year, you need to make proper use of the wind machine
On stage costume changes are always a crowd pleaser so thank you Spain and Serbia
Conchita, I love you
Greece, the plunging neckline/high skirt slit combo was much appreciated, thanks for keeping it classy

I have to admit I was expecting more sparkles and spandex or just overly sexual milk maids churning butter but this was good too, you can be SURE I will be tuning in again next year!

Love from Mars!

Two Step


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