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Two Steps

Two step signing on to say say good bye.

In two mornings I will be back on Earth.  This is my second to last night in the dome and while I wish I could say that we’ve all been wonderful little worker-bees and already have the hab ship-shape and ready for the next crew that would be lying and I’d never lie to my beloved readers.   So I have this problem with spatial approximation.  I’ve never really been great at approximating how large or heavy something is, but thanks to my job as XO I am getting better.  Do you know approx  how large 500 grams of freeze dried broccoli looks pre and post vacuum sealing?  One of the jobs of XO is basically Hab quartermaster, or in this case, Hab quartermistress.  I am inventorying every single scrap of food that we have and are going to be passing on to the next crew.

Cleaning up the shipping container, getting things ready for the next crew
Vaccum sealing all the opened food is really the hard part!

I’m saying good bye now because I don’t know how much time I’ll have tomorrow between finishing up the inventory and cleaning and packing up.

So I gotta steal a bit from Zak (and apparently Jocelyn) here but go and read his blog at

We will be leaving the dome Saturday morning (the 13th) at 8am Hawaii time (noon mountain time). We have a day of media interviews, a skydive with the Golden Knights and a BBQ/pool party planed for that day (fingers crossed the weather holds). There will be a live stream set up for the day: We haven’t figured out the details of how we are going to stream the jump landing but hopefully there won’t be any issues.

Currently, the stream is scheduled as:
The hab exit will be from 8:00am until 9:30am but this could potentially start a little earlier.
Then, the jump landings in Kona will be from 11am until 3pm.

So there you have it, I hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Two Steps

  1. “Be brave because things will be scary at times
    Be silly because serious is way too much work
    Be honest because there can be no secrets in the dome
    Be forgiving because you will, many times, need to be forgiven
    Be yourself because you’re way more fun that you give yourself credit for
    Be loving because you will, many times, be loved”
    Dear Sophie,
    These words of yours is what I would love to remember the most from this wonderful adventure you took part in.
    I would love to meet you in person if you ever come by this neighborhood of the Earth. As you re-enter our mother Earth I wellcome you with a nymphaea which just blossomed today in my little pond just for you.
    Best luck to everything you do.


  2. Congratulations on making it through Soph! Mark Watney would be proud! Best of luck with re-entry today. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to catch up back here on Earth.


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