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Every ending…

…is just the beginning of a new adventure.

I have been putting this off, dearest friends and readers. My life these last 9 months has been incredible.  I’ve journeyed to Mars and returned home and as much as I felt like an astronaut I couldn’t help but feel like John Carter too.  Instantly teleported to Mars without really knowing the rules or how to survive there, thinking the world of myself only to find out how small I really am and how much I have to learn still.  October 16th, Day 1 in the Dome, wakey wakey Martian Lady…

You’ve been with me on that journey, been with me for the changes and challenges, successes and failures, and now we come to the end.  The overwhelming sentiment is that there are no ends, just different ways to begin again.  Since returning from sMars I’ve felt like two different people, Astronaut Sophie and Sophie Carter.

Astronaut Sophie returns to the world strong and confident, another conquest under her belt and some amazing experiences that she will never forget.  Sophie Carter woke up on June 14th and for the second time in her life awoke on a new planet, she is somewhat more fragile than she used to be and despite loving Earth, she misses the simplicity of Mars.  While technically at home neither women really feet at-home.

And so here I am, a true Gemini/schizophrenic unable to combine the two parts of myself into a cohesive whole but do not despair for I am in a good place.  From these two women I will forge a new person, someone to combine their best traits and to overcome their most difficult challenges and thus be the best of both of them. Being outside the dome after so long is difficult, everything is both new and old and somewhat tinted by the fact that for the next few months I can truly (aka joblessly) appreciate them.

The future holds many great things for me, after spending eight months never going more than a mile away from home I’ll now be traveling hundreds of miles to see my family and friends.  I’ll be going to the Forbes 30 under 30 summit in Philadelphia to network with my peers and explore a new city.  I’ve got my dog, hedgehog and hunny bear back and we have all kinds of plans to go camping and see concerts and generally have an amazing time in this beautiful place that we are living. Thank you for reading, supporting, and sending funny pictures of buff Kangaroos.  Thank you for sharing in my adventures.

Your “Dome Soph” no longer,

Sophie Claire Milam



2 thoughts on “Every ending…

  1. Thank you for your last blog and wishing you ALL the Best in your future plans……..Still want to fly – Daren is ready for you any time……Love Always, Baba Lily 🎶

    Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2015 15:28:00 +0000


  2. Sophie, so glad you are joining the rest of us in knowing what an incredibly strong, flexible, humble, limitless woman you are. Welcome to the Sophie Claire Milam fan club! Love you so much, Aunt Lori


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