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How I Made “The Guardian” Cry

In the 12 hours after Dome Egress my dome-mates and I we assaulted by a barrage of media attention, easily more in that day than in the rest of my life combined.  The memories run together probably more than they should but the one interview I remember was the one done by the people of the The Guardian.  Their interview was so different than the others, the questions more introspective and deep, the shots they took more aggressive and raw, they were fantastic to talk to.

Oh yeah, and I made them cry…

I was in the middle of what I considered a pretty rambling answer to a fairly simple question and was zoning out just admiring all the colors around me and when I stopped and look back for the next question there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  I’m not talking snotty noses and big red eyes, just quiet tears and little sniffles.  I nearly busted out laughing when I saw them.

When I told my exdome-mates later we decided that my raw emotion and honesty must have moved them as deeply as my words (or something like that).
“What did you say?” someone asked
“Honestly?” I whispered, letting the silence draw them in, draw them closer to me, closer to the edge of their seat, closer to the genuine spirit of the returned adventurer that brought a camera crew to tears…
“I have no idea, something about birds and wind and colors and stuff”
Amid the laughs and echos we each told of our new adventure as interviewees, I let those memories go, not really caring if they made it to short or long term parking in the empty lot of my brain.

*sponge Bob narrator voice* 14 months Later

Lo and behold, Jocelyn posted the video they made and I remembered.  As I watched it those blurry, run-together memories of that day and the ones that followed, the last of my time with my dome-mates, came into overwhelmingly sharp focus.  This time I did bust out laughing at the end because as the video ended and faded to black I saw my reflection in my phone as I sat in my tiny office at work.

Not a dry eye in the house…


Stay tuned for more updates involving Tequila, Boston and all kinds of new adventures!

Keep on steppin’



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