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Busy busy busy

Hello readers,

this is just going to be a quick update but I wanted to share some of the things that are going on in my life in the next month that are really exciting.  In just a few days I will head down to Mexico for the first time in my adult life.  When I lived in San Antonio I remember going past the border a few times but it is pretty hazy so this time I m really just thrilled to go.  Most of that reason is because I’ll be meeting up with 3 of the domies while I’m down there and three of us are going to be presenting papers that we all had accepted into the IAC, International Astronautical Congress.  Foxy, aka Martha, is going to be talking about her research on indoor gardening in Mars simulation missions; Stitch, aka Zak, will be talking about how he got his Mars stitches or, technically, the uses of 3D printing in space; and yours truly?  Well I’ll be talking about Real Science on Fake Mars, my very favorite subject so YAY!  Fancy is the only one who got it right and she will be down there enjoying herself, lucky lady!  Ohh and Casey will be there, finally getting to meet some of the domies its going to be a really incredible time and I am so excited to meet a bunch of new people doing great things.  Check out the people in my presentation group:iaf-schedule

Before the IAC though, I’ll be spending some time with the Universidad de Celaya in Celaya Mexico doing some outreach for their university and middle school kids, 4 presentations in 2 days, Aye yay yae!  Again, pictures to follow but it should be an absolute blast!

After Mexico I’ll have a solid week of rest where I’ll get to see my dog who is currently going to Casey’s folks house and relax before going to Boston for the Forbes 30 under 30 summit and being part of a panel of speakers on Women in the workplace.  That summit #30under30sumit is going to be UNREAL!  They have so many amazing speakers I am literally in awe that they actually want me there too, I guess they need some crazy space nerd to balance out the gorgeous people (Jessica Alba, OMGeeeeeee)


So basically, I got some stuff in the works so keep on checking in as I two-step around this continent!

DomeSoph out and about!


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