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Stress in the Dome

Hello Vandal Alumni!

Mars Vandals
Vandal Sophie Milam and Commander Dr. Martha Lenio on sMars!  Photo credit: Neil Scheibelhut

The majority of you have been directed here form the Vandal Alumni Magazine and the article that I had written describing, briefly, my dome experience.  I sent out a draft of my article to my brother for feedback and he graciously accepted and sent back a document more red than black, turns out grammar is NOT my strong suit.  However, I worked through them until the only comment I couldn’t fix was the one asking for more detail when I talked about the decay of our social system and how it lead to a period of unhealthy social interaction.  There is just no way to do this in 600 words.  Trust me I tried… several times.

Luckily, the Alumni magazine has directed you, the few brave gossip mongers, to this page so I can have all the words I want to properly explain what I meant.

Trust is the most important thing in a mission to Mars.  To trust that, for the good of the mission, your crew mates will understand your highs and lows, make allowances for your weaknesses and use you for your strengths is difficult.  What is more difficult is to still be able to form personal connections understanding that your friendship will always be second to mission success parameters.  Crew III enjoyed a period of social bliss that lasted 3/4 of the mission and I never would have thought that things would have changed as much as they did.

The end of the mission added a new stress to the crew: real life.  Big things like getting a job and finding a place to live were jumbled with smaller seeming things like who was going to be there when you got out, how much you wanted a beer and where you now considered home to be.  This intrusion of real life made it hard for every crew member to keep their promise to put the mission first.  Personal relationships got pushed from second to third because they now had to complete with apartment hunting and job applications for crew mates time.  Once that trust was strained things went down hill quickly.  Cliques formed and restrictions on group interactions were put in place to ensure equality.  It strained the friendships we had and many of those were only able to be recovered after a few months outside of the dome.

HI-SEAS Crew V will begin their journey to sMars and back, I hope that all the readers here will go over and give them a shout out of support and encouragement.


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